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Jump Group Hawaii Are you ready for more depth - in yourself and your life?

Spiritual Apprenticeship is often important on an evolving spiritual path, and is a commitment you make with Spirit to take the actions necessary to fully be your truth and light in the world. It is an understanding that you are creating your life, that the obstacles you face are of your own creation, and that they are based on the unique energy you came in with, coupled with your unique life circumstances as you grew up. On every spiritual journey, it helps to have a guide at times to move more quickly through your obstacles to freedom.

To support you to release what no longer serves you and to inspire you to move through the difficult areas with grace, we offer several forms of apprenticeship. Being led by someone with clarity and experience in the unweaving is a blessing, and working within a group builds more energy and support for everyone!

Reclaiming our spiritual integrity involves unweaving a lifetime of unconscious beliefs and behaviors. As you go deeper into yourself, many old patterns may arise causing doubt, self-judgment, fear, confusion, loss of inspiration and focus, and a difficult time staying on track. You may have experiences or perceptions you don't understand, mental chatter or strong emotions you are not sure what to do with, or a sense of stagnation you can't shake. You may also want more playmates, people who are on the same path and with similar challenges that you face in moving towards freedom and sacred depth.


Foundational work gives you the vocabulary, tools and framework to rebuild yourself from the ground up. A foundational program is often a pre-requisite for many of our advanced programs. If you are interested in becoming a Spiritual Integrity apprentice and being lovingly and clearly guided on your path, we will work with you to create an apprentice path with the support of our Spiritual Integrity Coaching Program, selected workshops and Power Journeys, and the following apprenticeship series:

  • SpiritWeavers – a Toltec Foundations Program
  • Puma! Intensives
  • Inner Fire Healing Program
  • Sundoor Initiation (offered through Sundoor International)


SpiritWeavers is a six-month foundational Toltec Wisdom apprenticeship circle designed to support you on your return to Center. It gives you a foundation in Toltec practices and philosophy, while bringing a group of spiritual seekers and warriors together to go deeper in their own healing and the healing of the planet.

Working within a focused community allows access to greater energy and insights, enabling you to literally create a new foundation for yourself. The SpiritWeavers Apprenticeship offers you support, and challenges you to grow beyond your limitations to become the artist of your life. It is ecumenical in nature, weaving a wealth of traditions together as you apprentice to your highest self ~ however you define that.

As a SpiritWeaver you will experience:

  • Practice - Radical new ways of perceiving and living in the world.
  • Learn - Practical tools of awareness and transformation.
  • Create - A new and empowering vision of your life.

How SpiritWeavers Works:

Each group is facilitated by a guide trained by Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent. Once a month your local group meets with your Circle Guide for a full day of practical teachings, ceremony, energy work, and an all-night dreaming ceremony. Two week-day evenings a month your group will gather to study the basics of shamanic wisdom.


“For over 25 years every traditional means of self-empowerment eluded me. My teacher was an angel in disguise as she lovingly helped me identify how the Toltec teachings are a powerful tool of self-awareness, how to harness the beauty of my own natural being-ness, and help me understand how to weave a new transformed me. Spirit Weavers is nectar to your own self. I am grateful I chose to drink it.” Avalon, Round Rock, TX

“Spirit Weavers is one awesome life changing program! Your life will literally be transformed, a new way of looking at the world where you are the conductor of your orchestra in life. It is a gift to self as well as the world. Take this opportunity to completely transform your life and go for it, you will be completely amazed! Fantastic, life changing…your life will never be the same. Go for it, all you have to lose is your old paradigms that no longer serve you! Be the change in your world today!” Monique Barrow, Jewelry Designer, Austin, TX

“It is beautiful to witness a group of seemingly very different people drop our guards and learn to love ourselves and each other exactly where we are without judgment. This course is extremely valuable for anyone who is looking to learn from the places where we get 'stuck', and anyone seeking to love themselves more deeply." Mariela V., Austin, TX

“To me, SpiritWeavers was instrumental in helping me to open in ways that I never imagined possible. To say I feel renewed or rejuvenated feels like an understatement. I am thrilled about life. I’m thrilled about each step that I take. My life is a journey worth celebrating.” Sarah S., Homemaker, Georgetown, TX

Puma Intensive

The Puma Intensive takes you out of your ordinary world and gives you tools to infuse your life with a serious spiritual practice. Enjoy five days of inspiration and exercises. You will leave Puma with a clear action plan, a daily spiritual practice, and more energy and excitement about your life. Learn how to

  • Perceive energetically;
  • Use shamanic tools for internal healing;
  • Clear out recurring old emotions and habits;
  • Maintain the integrity of your energy field;
  • Make detailed action plans to unlock your inner wisdom;
  • And much more!

Inner Fire Healing Program

The Inner Fire Healing Program is a certification program for Inner Fire Shamanic Healing work, developed by HeatherAsh and Raven after years of shamanic studies and teaching. Learn how to conduct Inner Fire Healing sessions to

  • Guide individuals to map their own energetic and emotional blocks, and
  • Learn internal shamanic tools to clear, rewire, and release stagnation, blockages and unbeneficial energies and structures.

Sundoor Initiation

Peggy Dylan, mother of the International Firewalking movement and founder of Sundoor International Firewalking School , holds the container for a brilliant week of initiation practices from around the world. Initiation is held once a year in the United States. We often assist with these initiations and honor them as part of the apprenticeship and initiation activities that support people in preparing to apply for our advanced Jump! apprenticeship program.

For more information about Firewalk Initiation Trainings, visit Sundoor.

Advanced - JUMP!

JUMP! is an intensive apprenticeship offered by invitation only and by application. The purpose is to take a small, dedicated group of people and dive right into whatever obstacle is holding each person back, whatever interferes with their living a life of 100 percent choice right now.

The primary intent of this group is complete freedom, to fully live each moment, completely present, fiercely alive, vibrant, and in awe at the incredible mystery of this existence. It requires moving past your story and opening to new possibilities and unimagined ways of being. You should be prepared to challenge everything in your life, to look at it honestly, and to evaluate from a place of clarity whether it is serving you or not. If you decide that it does not serve you, you will need to be willing to take action to transform it into something that will serve you or to remove it from your life.

Leading this advanced group, HeatherAsh and Raven pull out all the stops and use tools and insights they do not share with public forums and beginning apprenticeship circles.

The time is now! The place is here! What are you waiting for? In an instant, this lifetime will be over. Every moment you are consciously or unconsciously choosing how to live. Are you happy with your choices? Realize that how you feel about your life in this moment is how you will feel about it at the moment of your death. We all want to reach the end feeling that we did our absolute best, in full acceptance and love. So seize the moment! Seize this opportunity to make a new choice and a new commitment to going as far as you can in this lifetime! - Raven

The next JUMP! apprenticeship will start at the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009. Email us at spiritualintegrity@gmail.com to request an application.


It's hard to believe that I have only worked with Heather and Raven for three and a half years. In that time, their wisdom, emotional depth, and gentle coaching have blessed me by helping to make my life more real and more joyful.

I was initially intrigued by the basic premise of the JUMP! group: a small core group of dedicated pilgrims committed to jointly deepen their internal pilgrimages. The undertaking sounded daring and thrilled my sense of adventure. Yet I had no conception of how supporting and loving that new family would soon become for me. Imagine my excitement and delight to have nine new brothers and sisters to play with as we walked our paths of unfolding together!

I chose to dive into JUMP! head first, and my eager willingness to "wrestle the alligators" has yielded fabulous results. After suffering from crippling depression for decades, I have successfully rewired my energetic patterns so that my depressive cycles no longer occur. I have also vanquished the demon of "Not Good Enough" that used to persistently torment me.

I am now confidently stepping into my own power as a shamanic healer who regularly performs rituals to purify, restore, and uplift those nearest and dearest to me. I cannot accurately predict what your JUMP! experience would be. But if you are willing to step up to the challenge, you can expect to discover a truer version of yourself, one that is grounded more in divinity than society. So I urge you to overcome whatever limiting factors may be holding you back. Heather and Raven are pointing to a gateway that gives you a chance to up the stakes. My advice is to jump through it. - J.C., New Mexico


Are you ready for something deeper, something MORE in your life?

SpiritWeavers is a six-month Toltec wisdom apprenticeship circle designed to support you on your return to center – to go deeper in yourself, your healing and the healing of the planet. Created by HeatherAsh in 2000, hundreds of people have radically shifted towards freedom and healing within this amazing circle of support.

JUMP! is an intensive apprenticeship offered by invitation only and
by application.